Education In Canada: What’s It Like?


Any great idea requires motivation; the ability to dream about success, dreams that are achieved through culmination of skills, knowledge and striving to be the best in the field that you have chosen. Is that sufficient? No. After all, even if an individual has all these factors working for him, the support of his parents, teachers and his community as a whole is crucial for assured growth. All of these are a part of the success of our young people and the public policy of the nation must reflect that.

Education in Canada is generally divided into primary education, trailed by secondary education and post-secondary. Primary schools in Canada figure among the best institutions in the world. Any child needs a solid start in the form of supportive parents, indulging teachers as well as jovial peers. The Canadian school system incorporates all of these and leads to the holistic growth of an individual in the most beautiful way possible. It is not only the elementary institutions which is a source of pride, but also the universities and technical institutes which integrate world-class facilities. Even though no expense is spared to ensure the flow of useful education, the courses are affordable and there is no dearth of scholarships and fellowships for bright young minds. Overall, Canada produces the greatest number of university graduates in the world.

The basic difference between the universities and the schools being primarily the amount of funding that they receive. Canada puts aside about 5.4% of its gross national income on the education of its population. The country pumps a lot of money into tertiary education. Obligatory education is prevalent up to 16 years of age in every Canadian province, except for Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, where the 18 years of age has been decided as obligatory, or as soon as a high school degree can be attained. Canada commonly has 190 working days in the year, formally beginning from September till last of June. The pre-university education is a landmark for those who wish to enter higher education and obtain college degrees. Post-graduation opportunities are also plenty. There are a number of student exchanges and foreign cultural exchanges that are underway throughout the year.

In this way, Canada remains one of the top destinations in the world and a favorite for international students to pursue higher education and also to have them introduced in the mainstream of the job market and remunerative opportunities. Students from India and other south-east Asian nations have expressed their desires to get a seat in the prestigious institutions of the great white north. Even an eventful semester abroad is a highly lucrative option and those who wish to add a new feather to their cap, flock to such courses.

These aspects when viewed with respect to the international community and the availability of similar conditions all over the world amount to Canada being a desirable place to enrich young minds. The educational paraphernalia has kept its promise of delivering quality education and therefore, has contributed a lot to the revenue generated by increasing student influx from outside as well as the inclination of native individuals towards learning.

Ultimately, if you are an erudite one, Canada is a wonderful wish to have.

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